Current MoorClan
Given Teaseltail
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner None

Teaseltail is a brown tabby she-cat with white markings on her muzzle, thin stripes, and orange eyes. 


Snarky, cynical, and sarcastic at most times, Teaseltail is an extremely pessimistic she-cat. She believes that the future for the clans is dreary and bleak, and would result with order's collapse. She tends to always point out the flaws in things, feeling that those needs to be exposed as much as the good qualities. All of this comes from her parents - long deceased - who often spoke of the future downfall of the clans. However, she can be flirty - her tendency to nitpick could make her a possible choice to tease with. 



Coming Soon!


Teaseltail is a MoorClan warrior under the leadership of Petalstar.
Swiftshadow questions if she desired to go hunting, and Teaseltail replies slowly that she would, but only if he wanted. She twitches her tail tip, and adds that she didn't want to hunt for needless purpose, as they had to save prey to hunt later, and flicks one of her ears. Swiftshadow notes that it was almost sundown, and there wouldn't be enough prey around. He offers to take her for a walk, and Teaseltail accepts, but he would have to wait for her to eat. She goes to grab a shrew from the fresh-kill pile, and brings it over to Swiftshadow, asking him if they would eat.