Current MoorClan; Dark Forest
Past None
Given Ivyfang
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling None
Mate None
Kit None
Owner None
Ivyfang is a dark brown tabby she-cat with golden eyes, short fur, and a long tail.


She's a skillful hunter, but her fighting could be better. Having a reluctance to injure other cats holds her back, but she has learned to become authoritive and a leader. She's loyal to MoorClan, and would do anything for her clan. She's a well-respected cat, honest and trustworthy. Her only flaw is that she trains in the Dark Forest, not for revenge, but to better her fighting. She has no idea of the real intent of the Dark Forest, and was tricked into joining. 


Ivyfang is the deputy of MoorClan, under the leadership of Petalstar, who trains in the Dark Forest at night.
She is seen padding up to Petalstar, softly asking her if she should send out patrols, while she grooms her short fur. She hopes to get some hunting done, as prey was not plentiful as it used to be, and the clan needed to be fed. After Petalstar is finished talking to Applepaw, she asks who was up for a hunting patrol, stating that she would lead it. Ryeface offers to join, and Ivyfang asks if there was nobody else. She then tells Ryeface to come on, and pads towards the camp entrance, checking over her shoulder to see if anyone else would come.
After the hunt, Ivyfang decides to go to sleep early, wanting to practice in the Dark Forest as much as possible. She closes her eyes, and wakes up in the Dark Forest.

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  • Similar to Applefur and other cats in the canon Warriors series, Ivyfang doesn't know how vile and dangerous The Dark Forest really is.