Current Loner
Past Kittypet
Given Charlotte
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Richard
Mother Constance
Siblings Jacob, George, Henry, James, Charles, Victoria, Margaret
Mate None (yet!)
Kits None
Owner None

Charlotte is a pale golden-brown-and-white she-cat.




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Charlotte was born to Richard, a tom with traces of Maine Coon, and Constance, a she-cat of Oriental descent, along with her brothers; Charles, Henry, Jacob, James, George, and her sisters; Victoria and Margaret. The kits survived their infancy, and grew up fast - although when they hit twelve moons of age, Henry, Charles, and Victoria were not of their maximum height - they had only recently grew to it. The eight kits were quarrelsome; they often got into fights, and Constance had to often scold their for their behavior. Charlotte, however, was the first to hit maturity, and so she rarely got into an argument - when she did, she was usually called for help by James - who was considered to be quite stubborn, and often, she refused to support him. Eventually, however, she would give in, after he would plead her several times - but she was annoyed by this.
However, upon reaching their second year, Richard, one day, had collapsed. He was now getting on onto his years - these kits were not his first litter. Prior to their birth, he mated with several "high-class", as he called them, she-cats and successfully had kits, due to the simple fact that his owners were breeders. It did not take long for him to pass, and when he did, the kits and his surviving mate grieved - even the stoic Charles, who rarely ever showed emotion when he had reached maturity, and if he did, would usually be stubborn about it.
As a result of the grief, Constance could not go on without her mate. She ended up taking her own life, by falling off a high point of a fence, which broke her neck. It had only been a half-moon since Richard's death, and now their surviving kits were left alone by themselves and their owners. One day, Henry had reported frantically that he had heard the Twolegs plan to throw them out, as there was too many to care for. Divided, three of the kits - Charlotte, Henry, and Charles - went to live on as loners. James, George, and Victoria then left to become hostile rogues - leaving only Margaret and Jacob left in their home.



Father: Richard - Deceased; Unknown Residence

Mother: Costance - Deceased; Unknown Residence

Brothers: Jacob - Living, Henry - Living, George - Living, Charles - Living, James

Sisters: Victoria - Living, Margaret - Living


  • She is the "oddball" of her siblings, in terms of build - she carries more of her father's Maine Coon traits, but lacks the distinctive solid, rectangular build. Her body shape leans more towards her mothers - but without the long limbs, the narrow muzzle, and the large, rounded ears.



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